Wednesday, July 7, 2021


  Good morning my lovelies hope you are all doing good and having a fantastic summer so far. Today I have the second book in the Draghans of Firiehn. BLAZE AND BORNE by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson

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 Although Brienne of Eile has finally broken free of the Morrigan’s grasp, the new life awaiting her in Firiehn may prove to be just as dangerous. Hoping for a fresh start with Dorran, Brie agrees to join her cru-athru lover as he journeys back to the kingdom of Astorelle. But navigating courtly politics may prove to be just as difficult as her previous life, especially since the witch who cursed Dorran is still unaccounted for. With her safety and her heart at risk, Brienne will have to confront her demons - and ignite her own fire - if she wishes to protect the ones she holds most dear.

                            MY REVIEW 

  Brienne is finally free of Morrigan's grasp , the men who hurt her are dead . She is on her way to a new life with the her dragon .  Dorran is the one man that can set her heart singing . Now here comes the hard part, they have navigated rough terrain and battled the enemy . Now she has to navigate her way around meeting the in laws . What does one do when she is in the company of dragons and the man she loves feels the bonding and kinda goes off at a ball in their honor. Brienne needs to fight through her own demons and when push comes to shove save the man she loves . Finding the fire she has deep inside her . 

  In book 2 we get to see Brienne grow so much . She has to navigate through the family of Dorran and it seems overwhelming at times . She really takes to court life and shines . Dorran well he is just still sexy and alpha male . He is well he is in love and protective. We get to meet his family  and his sister is so much fun to read . She is like a breath of fresh air that  Brienne needs. The characters are so much fun to read . 

  This is the second book in the series and man what is worse then meeting the family of the man you love . The story is a fun read that has romance. and an epic battle scene and a twist at the end that will have you cheering .  You will love the characters and how they have grown . I can't wait to see where the author takes us in the next book in the series. So if you want a fun read check out this series . Especially if you like dragons and this author's twist on dragons . Add this to your summer reading list 

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