Saturday, July 17, 2021


  Well here we are its Saturday , beach day for most of us trying to cool off . Today I have for your reading enjoyment book 3 in the Haven Hollow series , Wanda's witchery book three . DEMON IN DENIM by Hp Mallory and J.R  Rain

                             BOOK BLURB


  A Haven Hollow Novel

Lorcan and I continue to attempt a spell that will return his vampire “kiss” and return me to the witch I once was, but the spell keeps failing.

To make matters worse, Lorcan is getting heat from the head vampire of his line, Rupert. Rupert wants Lorcan to either fully blood me or kill me. And while I’m not a fan of growing fangs, I’m really not a fan of growing worms.

When a stranger, who introduces himself as ‘Dev’, walks into my shop, and I suddenly start acting like a lovesick schoolgirl, I’m fairly sure magic is to blame.

Dev is definitely something supernatural, but I’m not sure what. All I do know is that he makes me feel alive in a very...carnal way. Soon, I’m having dreams that become a reality and I find myself getting more and more confused as to what’s real life and what isn’t.

One thing I do know is that I have to get to the bottom of Dev’s appearance in Haven Hollow and, more specifically, what he wants from me. Because it’s becoming pretty apparent that if he doesn’t want something from me, then he definitely just wants me…

                    MY REVIEW 
 Wanda and the guys are back in a whole new adventure . Lorcan and Wanda are still trying to find the spell that will reverse the vampire kiss .  They are working hard but Lorcan is getting flack from the head vampire of his line . Change her or kill her which Wanda doesn't really want . Either way she is screwed . When a new man walks into her life and flips it upside down. Dev is well he is sex on a stick and is starting to confuse Wanda to the point of she doesn't know what is real or dream anymore . Will she be able to figure out what Dev is up to before it is too late . 

   In book three we get to see more of Lorcan and Wanda's relationship .Lorcan is well head over heels for Wanda and will do almost anything for her . Even try and break the bond that they have . Wanda in this book seems to be not herself . Usually she is sassy and quick witted .This one she just seems sluggish and not quite herself . Towards the end she gets back her snarky attitude back . Oh then we get to meet Dev well he is just sex on a stick and he has a wicked streak that runs through him , We don't really get to see what he is really like . He reminds me of a smooth talker that wants his way for everything .  We also get to see Poppy and the gang back helping her figure out what is going on. I love these characters so much and with each book they grow and become more complex . 

    Ok I am just going to say this now before I start gushing . I absolutely love the Haven Hollow series . The characters are so complex and well written . I get a little excited when I see there are new books that are out . I grab a cup of tea and curl up and read . The story is always a fun escaped and you can read them in an evening . This duo create such a vivid universe and the characters grow with each and every book. This would be a great pool read for this summer . Check out the series you will not be disappointed 

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