Saturday, July 3, 2021


  Good morning all , hope your weekend is going well and you are staying cool . Today I have a brand new author to me  Bobbie Jo Green and her book THROUGH THE PIECES. 

                            BOOK BLURB

   She can’t run from her past…

In the middle of the night, Claire flees her abusive, alcoholic husband Scott, taking their four-year old daughter along with her. Seeking some long-needed peace, Claire goes to her sister Annie and her family, hoping she can at last begin the process of healing.
As she embarks on this new life she meets a family friend. Buck, who seems to be everything any woman would want-successful, handsome, charming. Claire wants to let him in, but how could she be ready to love again?
And can they even survive when Scott will not stop until they are where they both belong?

                     MY REVIEW 
 Claire has had enough, one fight too many as she gets her daughter and flees the man she thought loved her but only wants to hit her and treat her badly.  She runs to her sister and fights to get her life back to normal . There is one thing that is a constant in her new life . The doctor in town and a good friend of her brother in law . They become friends and are there for each other but Claire is scared to let him in cause she doesn't think she is ready for love . Once they do will they survive what the ex Scott has in store for them . Will they find the love that they both deserve . 

  Ok lets talk about this book , wow is one of the words I will say about these characters . Claire is one tough woman even when she is being put through the ringer we get to see her grow. She is tougher then she realizes and puts others lives ahead of her. I love to see when she is vulnerable with Buck. Buck well he is a sweetheart of a man and is so lovable but there is a little sadness to him and when you find out his past you will want to hug him tight. He also has this mischievous side to him that gets him and Claire into some good fun trouble. Oh my I so wanted to punch Scott out so many times through this book . That man is evil and i mean evil .  These characters are very well written and complex. 

  This is a book I will tell you right now has some triggers of domestic abuse . I sat down to read this book and I was sucked in by the end of the first chapter . You could feel the angst the main character was going through. You almost got goose bumps on your skin when she got the hairs standing up on the back of her neck.  The author's way of writing really draws you in and keeps you inside the story . I couldn't put this book down and it was a fast read packed with lots of emotion, a sweet romance and lots of angst . So if you want a book that will have you on the edge of your seat and this book to your summer reading list . 

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