Friday, July 23, 2021


 Woooohooo it is Friday , I am hoping that everyone has some great plans for this weekend. I have a hot read for you this weekend . She is a new author to me  BOY NEXT DOOR ( Young Ballers book one ) by Cassandra Cripps. 

                            BOOK BLURB

 He’s off limits.

The neighbor’s kid, home from college for the summer.

He’s too young.

But that doesn’t stop my heart from racing every time I see him.
I should know better. I’m almost twice his age and have two kids of my own.
But I see desire in his steely eyes every time he glances at me.
No matter how hard I try to resist, I can feel him breaking down my barriers, sucking me in.
Can I allow myself to cross this forbidden line?
And can I live with myself if I do?

                   MY REVIEW
  Delilah and het two boys have moved in next door. She is trying to get her life back together after a divorce . Her ex well doesn't want to be around. She is trying to keep two young boys happy and busy . When the boy next door shows up all wet and oh so sexy and sparks a fire in Delilah that can't be denied but what would people think she is twice his age . But those eyes every time he looks at her she melts . Will they be able to over come her insecurities and find the happiness . 

  Ok this is the first book I have read from this author and I must say she can build a complex set of characters . Delilah is a very insecure woman who has been through so much. She is a sweet woman but she has been well beaten down by an ex and that has played havoc on her self esteem. She doesn't think she is worth anything to anyone . But as you watch her start to blossom with Ethan.  The insecurities still bounce back though through out the book . Ethan well he is kinda cocky with a sweet side and my he is oh so sexy . Like most heroes we read there is more to him then just his cockiness . There is a sweet caring man who just wants to be the one for that one girl. He is great with kids and loves to help them out.  He turns out to be more of a man then most men twice their age . They do make a cute couple and when they finally get together its holy hotness . 

  This is one of those books where you sit down and start reading and don't put down. I found myself  getting invested in the characters . There is a bit of Delilah in all of us and we all kind of want a man like Ethan to come in and be the one for us . The author builds a great universe for these characters . We all feel for both characters . I think we all have had some of the insecurities that Delilah feels . The story starts off slowly sometimes a little bit too slow for me at times . But once it takes off it really takes off and you are sucked in big time and boy you are in for a treat .  There is a cliff hanger but I can't wait to see where the story goes from here. So if you want a younger man older woman story with some hotness . Check it out , trust me you will want to lick water off of Ethan's abs . Add this heat to your summer reading 

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