Monday, July 19, 2021


   Good morning all , what a difference a day makes I think we are going to have a cooler week here . Today I have the first book in a new series by Marianne Morea .JEEPERS REAPERS . ( There Goes My Midlife Crisis series.) 

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★ Hell hath no fury? Try it with hot flashes ★

After learning Death isn’t all white light and tunnels, Louisa Jericho is having a thoroughly modern midlife crisis — of the paranormal kind!

She finds herself herself in midtown Manhattan, reluctantly employed by a CEO who loves pencil skirts and stilettos, and happens to be the Angel of Death.

Instead of celebrating with friends, Louisa is spending her 40th dealing with ghosts and possessed objects in a job she didn’t ask for and can’t quit — a job as a level one Keeper. She's stuck leading earthbound spirits through death’s version of This Is Your Life.

Oh, and on top of that, it’s up to her to keep them safe from Reapers. Nasty bits looking to grab unsuspecting souls before Keepers can guide them to final judgement.

Luckily, Louisa has an ace up her sleeve. A hotter-than-hell upper-level Keeper who’s hers for the duration. Grab your scythes, because the Reapers won’t know what hit them — a pissed-off midlife maven on a mission!

                        MY REVIEW 
  Louisa Jones is about to turn 40 and what a 40 its going to be . She has been seeing shadows and when she finds out she is a Keeper and is going to be working for the Angel of Death . Well what a way to start a new phase in her life by chasing ghosts and taking them into the light. This is not the way she wanted to celebrate her birthday. With the help of a hunky keeper Cade she is about to embark on a mission to keep souls safe from reapers and figure out how she is going to navigate this new life . 

 I love these characters, they are well written an complex . We get to meet Louisa and Cade . Louisa is a snarky fabulous woman over 40 . She has some great one liners and isn't afraid to use them . She comes into being a keeper and takes it in stride. She is a fabulous woman that people like to get to know . Cade well he is strong, sexy and oh so commanding in so many ways . But he also has a sweet side that shows up when working with Louisa . Angelica is the angel of death and has a cooperate job and loves pencils skirts and stilettos and can be harsh at times .Deep down she is quite the woman . Rani is the Grim Reaper and hates to be called a Grim and sister to Angelica they are so fun to read together . Just like any sisters they fight and make up . There are so many other characters in this book that are all apart of Louisa's clan . They are all so well written and you will love them all . 

  Finally a series of books for us woman that 40 and over which are well written and full of sassy heroine and the friends that support her .The author takes us on a fun filled adventure ride . There are moments that will make you laugh so hard you snort and moments where you will have a few tears escaping . This is a book you can snuggle down with and read in an evening . Oh don't forget to have a nice glass of wine to drink as you read . Be prepared to laugh out loud and care for these characters like they were your family . I can't wait to get book 2 and see where the author takes us with the characters . I really want to see some smexy time for Cade and Louisa in book 2 . So if you want a fun book check it out . It would be a great summer read for the beach. 

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