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  Good morning everyone , welcome to Monday hope you are going to have a great week. Today I have the second book in the Midnight Sun series . WILDLING  by Lynn Burke . 

                             BOOK BLURB 

 A timid woman desperate for love. A wild, young man born of the wilderness. Off-limits desire spirals them toward sure danger—and conflict that will end in death.

A wildling, Ma always called me, born of nature, feral as a fox.

I made a promise to her on her deathbed to look after my heartless Pa, but eight years later, he brings another woman to our homestead in the wilds of Alaska, testing my determination to honor Ma’s memory.

Saige is timid. Beautiful. Unthreatening and desperate for affection, consuming my mind and drawing me in.

I should flee—for both our safety.

But I have nothing to my name, and leaving as winter approaches means certain death, no matter my survival skills.

Pa crosses a line, and the wildling inside me rises like a bear on its hind legs, instinctively needing to show dominance.

This time, I won’t fail to protect the one I love, no matter the cost—even if it means breaking my promise and shedding blood.

                   MY REVIEW 
    Saige is a very timid young woman who is tired of living in the hoarding mess of her parents . She wants to find her own way out . When Callan comes into town she is smitten by his shy way and goes on a date with him. She finds her way out of her life with the mountain man who takes her home and he changes for the worst . He is abusive and just not the loving man who Saige thinks he is . Flynn , Callan's son is in the same situation . He is been through so much with his dad all the abuse is finally getting to Flynn and he wants out but now he is going to be the one to help save her and maybe they can be together . Two people who find each other in the worst possible time will they be able to heal each other and find the love that they both deserve. 

Ok this book broke my heart in so many ways. The characters alone made me want to just hug them and wrap a blanket around them and say everything is going to be ok . Saige is a sweet girl who it seems didn't have a great life from the beginning . Her parents were not the best so Saige hid within herself . She is timid and just wants to be loved by someone well anyone that could take her away from her situation . Callan well he is very manipulative and well mean . He treats Saige as a maid and his own sexual slave . He does nothing but degrade and belittle both her and Flynn. There is no redeeming qualities in this man at all . Flynn is a sweet young man who is in turmoil from the promise he made to his mother before she died. He can become the man that Saige needs when he takes on the responsibility of taking care of Saige. Together you see Saige and Flynn grow stronger through out the book and become what they needed to be for each other . 

  This is the second book in the series and I must say it is the most emotional book in the series . I have never cried so much through out this book . The author paints such a picture in the wilds of Alaska with characters that are so well written and complex . I read this book in an evening and couldn't put it down. I got invested in Saige and Flynn from the moment I met them in the book . They are such broken people and watching them rebuild the trust that they need was so sweet. There are so many parts of this book that totally just broke my heart . I shed so many tears for Saige and Flynn. Like any good author , she repaired the broken parts of my heart . There are scenes of physical and mental abuse in this book and some forced sex but over all this is a love story between two broken people . So if you want a dark story that will break you and repair you check it out this series . You will not be disappointed .

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