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  Good morning all , hope your day is going well so far . Today I have for you the fifteenth book in the Hot Damned series by Robyn Peterman . FASHIONABLY DEAD AND DEMONIC 

                              BOOK BLURB

 I’m dead. He’s demonic. It never would have worked…

Getting dumped by the Demon of my dreams wasn’t exactly in the game plan. Game plans suck. Throwing caution to the wind is my new motto.

I used to be a semi-happily single Vampyre. As the Princess of the Australian Dominion, I have an enormous palace, a fabulous wardrobe, I don’t look a day over thirty, and I have gobs of friends—most of whom would be happy to see me permanently deceased. However, they hide it well. In the violent world of the undead, I consider it a win.

Getting kicked to the curb by my True Mate has turned my world upside-Down Under. Whatever. If the Demon doesn’t want me, fine. He can skip his butt right back to Hell.

And if Levi thinks walking back into my life under the guise of ending the bad guy terrorizing my Dominion is gonna fly, he’s got a few electrocutions coming his way.

He wants the bad guy.

I want him.

Game on.

Falling for Anastasia is a damned disaster.

I don’t do feelings or relationships. I’m a killing machine with a bounty on my head. I have nothing to offer her. Period.

I’m a dumbass for cutting her loose. But visions of the gorgeous Vampyre getting caught in the crossfire of idiots trying to whack my head off is unacceptable. While Anastasia is violent—an attribute I find wildly arousing—she didn’t sign up to be a target. The thought of her alive without me is far more appealing than her being permanently dead because of me. Of course, just when I thought I’d solved the problem by removing Anastasia from the equation, life—or rather, the pain in my backside, Satan—throws me back into her path.

Behemoth is darkening Anastasia’s Dominion, and I’m going to need the Vampyre princess if I want to take him out.

Two birds. One stone. Right?

Kill Behemoth. Spend time with the woman I want, but I can’t have.

Win-win. Kind of.

Whatever. Blue balls, here I come.

                    MY REVIEW
 Anastasia is on the hunt , she has just been dumped by her mate , Levi . Just cause she is a vampyre princess and he is a demon . All he wants to do is get back to hell and home . But Satan has other plans for Levi and that is to kill Behemoth and to do that he has to be with his mate and the vampyre he just dumped . So what is a man to do . suck it up and help out his vampyre and hopefully find the love that they have .

Ok I thought ok book fifteen what is the author going to do now . Well she did it she took two new characters and threw them together and see what sticks . Well what stuck is two new fun characters that will have you laughing your socks off . Princess Anastasia and Levi . Anastasia is one caring and violent vampyre who is best friends with Astrid and Ethan's sister . She is sweet but also can rip your head off when push comes to shove . Levi well he is a cad at the start but he is also hurting and feeling like he doesn't deserve love from anyone for what he has done in the past. Together they are so much fun to read . With their motley crew which are hilarious characters . Paris Hilton is one of those characters that will have you laughing so hard at her antics . 

  This is a fun book to read , the author has a in your face laugh out loud kind of writing style that will have you holding your sides from laughing . The characters are well written and have some great one liners . There is just a little thing , I felt that this book just wasn't as involved as the rest of her books . I felt it went just a little too fast for me . Over all I loved this book and loved the series . Can't wait to see where the author goes from here . Check it out and add it to your summer reading list .  

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