Tuesday, July 20, 2021


 HAPPY RELEASE DAY to Theresa Sederholt and her third book in the O'Hanlon series RONAN . 

                            BOOK BLURB

 My entire life has been manipulated by other’s lies and secrets. Choices have been taken out of my hands before I even knew they existed. Loved ones have been ripped from my life.

Yet, somehow, I am supposed to guide others down the road of forgiveness.

I am Father Ronan O’Hanlon, but I may not be for long. Situations have arisen that are making me consider walking away from a calling I never got in the first place. Where will I go, though? Fall in full swing with my birthright as a member of the O’Hanlon family, where I can master the art of secrets and lies?

All I’ve known is the Church, my parishioners, and the women I’ve blessed with my own holy spirit. I don’t know how to be anything but the collar around my neck. All I can do is pray for a miracle for my family and guidance for me.

                     MY REVIEW
   Ronan is having a crisis of faith and of the heart. He is trying to help keep Savannah safe from her father. He is caught between two worlds the world he never wanted to begin with and the world that he is protecting his family . His brother Patrick is missing and his brother Ciaran is cutting himself off and working too hard to keep the family secrets safe .  Will they keep Brigid and Savanna safe and find their brother.

   Omg I was so excited to jump back into this family . The characters are so well written and complex. This is Ronan's story and wow I must say that out of all three books this one is my favourite. Ronan is so complex , he is sexy and oh so off limits . But man he is turmoil , he is caught between family and the world he doesn't want to be in. Trust me if he was my priest I would show up to church more often . Just call him Sir Dreamy . We also get to see a more present Ciaran , he is still closed off and keeping secrets but we do get to see him try more to be there for Brigid and Savanna . He is also holding on to the biggest secret that will change him and his brothers lives forever . There is someone we get to meet in this book that will forever change the boys, I am not going to tell you who but when you read you will be crying hard. This character will actually redeem the boys in so many ways . 

  Ok I devoured this book in one night , I was so excited to finally get Ronan's book in my hands. i love the writing style of this author , she really knows how to take her characters and put them through the wringer and bring them out the other side . The story is complex and the characters are well written . I must say that the author redeemed all the characters in this book and you actually get to like them a little bit more . They aren't that bad after all . So if you want a hot series that will have you laughing , crying and fanning yourself this is the series for you. Check it out and add it to your summer reading list . 

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