Thursday, July 8, 2021


  Good Thursday all hope your day is going good . Today I have another book by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson . FAEBORNE (The Otherworld book 9)  

                          BOOK BLURB 

 A tortured soul, a magical healer, and a bond forged with patience, love, and trust...

Brennon Roarke is cursed. Stolen from his family at the age of sixteen and forced to use his glamour in the service of Eilé’s most malevolent goddess, Brenn has little room for warmth in his heart. For seven long years, he endured hardship and pain, only to escape and find his parents and sister murdered, his nephew left blind and broken. With the stain of dark magic on his soul, Brennon perseveres for the sake of his young ward, always worrying that one day the evil infecting his spirit will destroy him for good.

Seren is an outcast among her own kind, ridiculed and ostracized by all but her mother. Born to the Fahndí tribe of the Weald, Seren’s glamour allows her to transform into a deer, but it also grants her the power to heal grave wounds. When she reveals this gift to her peers, jealousy and hatred drive them to murder, forcing Seren to either flee or fall victim to their malice. Taking on her animal form, Seren leaves her old life behind hoping to find a safe haven in a world that has only ever offered her hardship.

Despite being worlds apart, Seren and Brennon are brought together in a single life-altering moment. When the doe Brenn shoots turns into a young woman before his very eyes, he has no choice but to bring her home with the hope that she’ll recover. What he doesn’t realize, however, is that Seren is quite capable of healing herself with glamour that may be able to cure his wounds as well, and not only the ones that run skin deep.

                        MY REVIEW
 When Brennon is stolen from his family at the age of sixteen . He is made to use his glamour in service of an evil fae . He has been conditioned to keep away the evil . But there is goodness in him but it has been turned from seven long years of servitude. When he shoots a deer his life changes for the better cause that deer is more . Seren a special woman who can change into a deer but she also can heal . She is an outcast also . Together they find a way to help each other out and heal the wounds of the past. 

  Seren and Brenn are such well written characters , they are complex . Brenn is a broken man who is doing what needs to be done . He is cold and is doing to keep everything is ok. I feel he is more then the dread that is going on in his life . Seren is so sweet and kind but she is an outcast who is shunned by the people in her tribe. She is stronger then she believes . Brenn brings out her magic and she becomes stronger and more brave . They both really compliment each other and watching them together gives you a warm spot in your hot. 

  This is a book that you can sit down and start reading and then realize it is hours later and you are done . The author really creates an universe where you can be right in the middle o the action . You get to know the characters really well and fall for them . The author creates aw world full of magic and romance and on the edge of your seat action . I would say add this book to your summer reading list . If you love the fae world this is the book for you

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